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10 things you need to know about the Indian Paul Adams and Gujarat Lions' Spinner Shivil Kaushik

1) Shivil Kaushik was born on 9 July 1995 and hails from Gurdaspur, Punjab. His family moved to Bangalore 15 years ago.
2) Based in Richmond Town, he attended his schooling at the Cathedral School. He is currently pursuing a B.Com at the St. Joseph’s College of Commerce in Bangalore.
3) At the age of 9, he joined the cricket academy at National Aerospace Laboratories ground at Old Airport Road in Bengaluru. He was coached by the former Indian wicketkeeper, Sadanand Vishwanath.
4) Apart from cricket, a young Shivil used to play basketball and hockey at school.
5) Kaushik caught the eye of many talent scouts with that whippy action for the Hubli Tigers in the Karnataka Premier League.
6) Kaushik’s Hubli Tigers coach Anutosh Poll revealed that the reason which forced them to buy Kaushik for the Karnataka Premier League was not just his unorthodox bowling style but the inability of batsmen to pick him. Anutosh recalled an incident when he completely bamboozled Stuart Binny in a game
7) His action almost resembles that of the South African Paul Adams whose bowling was famously described by a journalist as being like “frog in the blender”. The South African spinner himself tweeted.
8) Legendary Indian spinner Anil Kumble conducted the Spin Stars Contest in Karnataka for young bowlers in the age group of 10 to 19 years. Around 3000 people participated in the contest and Shivil was one of them.
He was registrant no. AKSSONO126 and emerged as the winner of the contest. Shivil was awarded one lakh rupees as the cash prize by legend BS Chandrasekhar. He also attended a week long coaching from the legend Anil Kumble.
9) Surprisingly, Shivil Kaushik has no domestic contract to his name so far. He might get picked in the Karnataka side after the IPL, provided he performs well.
10) As admitted by Shivil himself, even he doesn’t know which way the ball will turn. He is a back of the hand bowler and says any ball can turn anyway. Even his coach Anutosh Poll revealed, "He's a back-of-the-hand bowler. He himself confesses that he doesn't know which one will turn which way." 

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10 things you need to know about the Indian Paul Adams and Gujarat Lions' Spinner Shivil Kaushik
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