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Vice-captaincy a challenge and responsibility I will enjoy: Ajinkya Rahane

The new India vice-captain spoke exclusively to cricbuzz about the challenges that lay ahead for him and his team as their long and demanding season looms. 
Vice-captaincy a challenge and responsibility I will enjoy: Ajinkya Rahane
You have been appointed Vice-Captain of the Indian team. Your thoughts.
It's a new challenge and a new responsibility for me. I love facing challenges and taking up new responsibility. I'm looking forward to the West Indies series. And with Virat [Kohli] and the kind of form he is in right now, I'm he and the team will do well in the West Indies. 
Any key aspects that you want to be addressed?
I think it is important to adapt to the conditions quickly. As soon as we get there, I think we will have a practice game, so it's important to adjust to the conditions and prepare ahead of the series. That has been my key so far.
There is healthy competition for a number of places in the Indian side... 
We will discuss (team set-up) once we land in the West Indies. It's good to have competition in our team. We have been doing really well in Test cricket. As a young unit, we are enjoying each others' success and we are playing for the team. I think, that is really important for the team's success. We will go there, see the conditions and play according to them.
India are playing quite a significant number of Tests over the next 12 months. How important is it to have continuity for a team? 
See, I think, every tour has a different challenge. Every tour is equally important and it's important to prepare well before each and every series. I think once we go there, how we adapt to the conditions, the wickets and the weather - that will be the key for us. 
Any aspects of the game that you will be looking to get right?
I always look to improve day by day. It's important to keep learning, and that process will always continue. I always like to give importance to the small things. Yes, I think I will look to improve my game day by day. 
Personally, what do you do to switch over from T20s to Tests?
I think, it's just about how you adjust mentally. Technically, I don't think it makes that much of a difference. It's important to adpat quickly mentally, and adapt to the conditions, so your mindset will be the key. Switching from T20 to Tests, your mindset will be the key.
What is harder for you to switch from? Tests to T20s, or the other way around?
I don't think any format is harder. It has its own challenges - Tests, ODIs and T20s. But, as I said, how you react to them and how you adjust to all the formats is most important.
You are one of the players who has stayed true to your game regardless of the change in formats...
Every player has their own style. I don't like to copy anyone, I stick to my game - which is to take my time the bat. Even in T20s, I always like to take my time. Then I back my instincts and play my game. Even here, I will do that. Tests, you have much more time than T20 cricket. Patience will be the key. I will stick to my game and I will continue doing that.
India lost to England at home, last time around. How is the team looking at the England series later this year?
That's in the past now. I think we are playing really good cricket right now, as a unit. It's important to focus on the West Indies series first, and then the other series. It's important to focus on the present and then look at the other series.
What goals have you set for yourself for the next 12 months or so?
Just to play match by match. Keep contributing to the team, and keep that consistency going.

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Vice-captaincy a challenge and responsibility I will enjoy: Ajinkya Rahane
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