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5 Facts about The fastest there ever Jeff Thomson

 1. The Birth of Fastest Ever:
Jeffrey Robert Thomson was born on the 16th of August 1950 in Greenacre, Sydney, New South Wales.

2.  Excess of 180 kmph?
Several cricketers of Thomson’s era claimed that he bowled at a speed in excess of 180 kmph. Wicketkeeper Rodney Marsh, who had to collect the thunderbolts behind the stumps, was one of the many who claimed so.

3. Hammering the Poms in 1975:
The 1974-75 Ashes series saw the Poms take a hammering at the hands of Australia when they lost the 6-match Test series 4-1. Jeff Thomson concluded with 33 wickets in the series.

4. The Javelin throw Acton:
The action of Jeff Thomson did not have a jump in the run-up, which meant that he was able to generate additional pace. As Richie Benaud would go on to describe the action, it was similar to that of a javelin thrower.

5.  The famous wedding
Thomson, a charming personality himself, married the pretty model Cheryl Wilson. The wedding flowers were supplied by the legendary Ray Lindwall.

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5 Facts about The fastest there ever Jeff Thomson
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