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Cricket facts which are Interesting.

Some interesting Crikcet facts and its history

Cricket Facts

• Throughout history most of the cricket rules suffered modifications. The only rule that did not change over time is the length of the pitch • Charlie Bannerman from Australia scored the first century in Test cricket in 1877
• Test matches between England and Australia are known as The Ashes because of an obituary published in the Sporting Times in 1822: “In affectionate remembrance of English cricket. … The body will be cremated, and the Ashes taken to Australia.”
• The first ever international match took place in 1844, in New York between the United States and Canada. It was won by Canada.
• When Australia toured England for the first time in 1868, each player wore a different colored cap, in order for the public to identify them.
• The first test match was one between Australia and England. The test match took place in Melbourne between 15 – 19 March 1877.

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Cricket facts which are Interesting.
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