Monday, 29 August 2016

MS Dhoni is charging Rs 80 crore for ms dhoni's movie

MS Dhoni is charging Rs 80 crore for his biopic


Indian Captain MS Dhoni Charged Rs. 80 Crore for His Biopic

Latest: According to a report published in, India's limited-overs skipper had demanded a sum of Rs. 60 crore for the filmmaker to make a movie on his life.

Some Sources Says He is asking soo big amount to donate this to Poor People as msd has done this earlier aslo he donated around 1 crore for Utthrakhand charity.

MS Dhoni is himself making lots of efforts to promote his biopic and because it is release while he is still playing international, it is expected to do well at the box office. With only a month left in the release of this movie, money talks have already begun, and going by some media reports, MS Dhoni agreed on a payment of INR 80 crore from the filmmaker for his approval and giving a go ahead to make a film on his life.

Brefore Trailer Launch: According to the reports from varied media sources, negotiation on the amount was on the cards for quite sometime until it was finally settled for a sum of 80 crore rupees. Of this, Rs. 20 Crore has been paid to Dhoni for attaining to the rights of his life story. Also, as a part of a backend deal, Dhoni will also be entitled to receive a  share of the film’s profits and royalties. 

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MS Dhoni is charging Rs 80 crore for ms dhoni's movie
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