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Rohit Sharma - Life story from Azad Maidan to Indian Cricket team

The Story of Rohit Sharma Life journey from Azad Maidan to Indian Cricket team 


Rohit Sharma at Azad Maidan. PC:Adidas

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The journey which started as a spinner soon changed its course. After seeing his knocking skills, coach Lad promoted him up the order. From coming down to bat at No 8, Rohit was now promoted to an opener. And, the youngster didn’t let his coach down.

Making his debut as the opener in a Giles Shield match, Rohit went on to scoring a century. “There was no looking back since. That year, he scored many more runs as an opener. He was high on confidence,” a nostalgic Lad said.
Hailing from a lower middle-class family, Rohit thoroughly enjoyed his moment of success. He would practice harder at the nets, and made it a point to be consistent. “Those were the days of struggle. After scoring a century, he actually gained a lot of confidence, and that was certainly a big thing,” Lad recollected.

From a budding school-level cricketer to making it to Mumbai Ranji Trophy squad, Rohit’s journey was going smooth. Catching the eyes of the then junior national selector Pravin Amre while playing for Air India tournament in Bangalore, Rohit was included in the U-17 India side. That was the beginning of a story.


Wearing the India hues is any cricketer's fantasy. What's more, the fantasy transformed into a reality for this Mumbai kid in 2007, when India visited Ireland. He got a chance in Ireland, before the group moved base to England. "He was somewhat harmed as he was excluded in the last eleven. Be that as it may, he kept buckling down."

The diligent work at long last paid off as he was incorporated into the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007. In the match against Souuth Africa, he scored a vital half-century and was splendid on the field. That sort of solidified his place. Yet, in the center, he by one means or another lost core interest. It looked as though cricket had taken a secondary lounge. "He even passed up a major opportunity for a compartment for the 2011 World Cup, and that hurt him. He was biting the dust to make a rebound," the mentor said, After making an effective return, Rohit has at the end of the day transformed into a key player for India, and the mentor feels his ward is prepared to patch the chances.

"He has seen the harsh patches. Captaincy at the Mumbai Indians has made him more dependable. He should be a patient and he will go the distance." 

With the fans designing up to cheer for India in the elimination rounds, will Sharma convey a hit show in Sydney as well? The country would love to see him a victor once more!

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Rohit Sharma - Life story from Azad Maidan to Indian Cricket team
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